About Us

The Family

Nexus Solar is a Family owned solar provider. Established in 2013 after already being in the solar installation game for a number of years prior, Nexus Solar was started with one thought in mind, Service. To give our clients a level of service that simply wasn’t found in the market place. By continuing to provide great service with value for money options, Nexus Solar will look to continue to help as many Aussie families as possible…

Next Solar is focused on care and our customer centric approach is about delivering outstanding service. The backbone of our business is our residential solar solutions. We help Aussie families, frustrated by their power costs, receive between $1,500 to $2,500 pay-back based on power bills ranging between $400 to $900. With Australia’s #1 Independent Solar Service Guarantee our clients get peace of mind they’re getting the most cost-effective Queensland solar solutions on the market.

At the core of our business is integrity, based on honesty and our ethical approach to how we operate. In just a few years, these values have seen Nexus Solar become the leading choice for cleaner and more affordable sustainable solar energy solutions, and our customers thank us for it.

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The Nexus Service

As one of the leading Queensland solar companies in the market, we are renowned for offering impeccable customer service through custom, tailored approaches that deliver the best possible experience.

We have strategically partnered with some of the biggest solar energy providers to ensure comprehensive, reliable and cost-effective solutions to all our clients. From financing to leasing to cutting-edge solar panels and equipment, we’ve got you covered. We also provide solar batteries and solar storage solutions for those looking for even more freedom from the power companies.

Nexus Solar is a customer-centric solar company. We help frustrated families with power bills of $400 to $900 add between $1500 and $2500 back into their family budgets…With Australia’s #1 independent solar service guarantee.

Built on the strength of our integrity and outstanding brand reputation, Nexus Solar has grown to become the #1 choice for cleaner, more affordable and sustainable solar energy for its customers.