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When was the last time you had your solar panels cleaned and safety inspected?


Your solar warranty may be at risk of being made invalid by the manufacturer. There are now requirements for residential solar customers to have their solar panels professionally cleaned and maintained to keep the warranty valid, just as you would with a new car. We have partnered with SOLA PROTECT to ensure the maximum protection of your solar investment.


Leaving your solar panels to be cleaned by the rain alone simply does not get the job done. Dust, grime and mould can build up on your solar panels over time and this causes decreased efficiency and energy production, costing you more on your electricity bills and putting your warranty at risk of being voided. Solar panels that aren't properly maintained can also represent a serious fire risk if not regularly safety inspected.


For less than 2 cups of coffee per week, you can now pre-pay a small fortnightly contribution for a cleaning and safety check package to protect your warranty and improve your solar panel performance by up to 30% efficiency.


SOLA PROTECT Cleaning & Maintenance uses EXCLUSIVE nanotechnology to increase the performance of your solar panels to protect them against dust and mould. This gives you peace of mind that your solar installation is performing safely and protecting your warranty.

Simply choose the size of your system to select an easy plan.

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When do my panels get cleaned once I sign up?

This is an easy set and forget PREPAID solar panel cleaning program. Depending on which package you choose, cleaning and servicing will occur in the time frame after signing up as per your plan. For example, if this is for a new solar installation, in 12 months from now. If you already have an existing solar installation, your first clean and service will be in 6 months from signing up and then continue on as per the plan you selected. You will be scheduled in and notified a within a week prior to your scheduled date.

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Why should I clean my panels?
  1. You can receive up to 30% more efficiency on your solar panels.
  2. Manufacturers warranties can be deemed void if appropriate maintenance has not been carried out in the event of a warranty claim.
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