I thought about getting solar when I built my new place out in Cooyar in early 2018, because I wanted to save some money on my bills. I chatted to Ashley from Nexus Solar, who I knew through a friend. He had a look at my situation and my usage, and suggested a 25 solar panel array, for a total of 6.75kW. He gave me a price, and we mulled it over, and I decided to go with it, and I’ve been more than happy since.

I decided to go with the sustainable solar to save, and very happy with results Nexus gave me. My initial budget for the new house didn’t include solar installation, but the long-term savings will definitely outweigh the initial investment. My first quarter power bill in the new house, before the panels were fully installed, was $340. The second quarter was down to $63. By the third quarter, we were actually $141 in credit! The biggest quarterly rebate we have received so far is $160. Even during winter, I was heating my house overnight, and we were still being credited on the power bills – about $40 for that quarter. And the bills have continued that way since installation – I’m about $500 better off per quarter, and have Nexus to thank for that.

Nexus Solar was very easy to deal with, and they kept me informed the whole way. There was a hold-up during installation due to a shortage of solar panels, and Ashley called my right away to let me know. They ended up being only one day late for the installation. The day of installation, the weather was pretty miserable, it was windy and raining, and the guys from Nexus were still up on the roof and got everything installed, I was very impressed.

I’m over the moon with the work Nexus has done. I’d highly recommend it to anybody – in fact, I recommended Nexus Solar to a mate in Crow’s Nest. He’s bought the same system that I have, and he’s been enjoying the benefits as much as me. I think they have done an excellent job, they were very helpful, and I’ve managed to save a lot of money in bills. I don’t have a single complaint!

– Peter