I started thinking about residential solar a few weeks before I contacted Brendan. I asked around the neighbourhood and the name of Brendan and Nexus Solar kept popping up. The feedback from everyone else that had used Nexus Solar was all really positive – and that’s very telling.
When I contacted Brendan he had a lot of time and patience and stepped us through the whole process of reviewing our bills to understanding the different systems and options available, helping us decide what solar system would best suit us.
We ended up with a 5 kW system with 24 solar panels. That was based on looking at our historical electricity use, and discussion with Brendan and the Nexus team about what would best suit our family. Our electricity bill before we installed the solar was $550, and now it’s actually reduced to zero!

The customer service was fantastic. Brendan was very easy and comfortable to deal with. And knowing that during the whole process, and even after installation, there’s always someone to talk to at Nexus, its very reassuring, especially if you have a young family like me.
I would absolutely recommend Nexus Solar. I recommended Nexus to my mother-in-law and Brendan even managed to keep her happy – so that says a lot!

– Steve Moore