Getting sustainable solar through Nexus Solar (and particularly Brendan at Nexus) was one of the best decisions we ever made, it was absolutely phenomenal. We decided to make the investment in solar to save some money on our power bills. We were looking at a 3 year payback period to recuperate the cost of the panels in the beginning, but it’s actually gone down substantially since then – and that’s largely because Brendan has been so helpful, and hooked us up with really good energy providers. The one we are currently with is exceptional – our power bill for the first two months after installation was only 11 dollars! It’s been a really good decision.

My wife was initially a bit sceptical about how they’d look, but once the solar panels are up on the roof, you don’t even notice them. She loves the environmental benefits – it feels good to use the natural energy from the sun. Because of solar we’ve also changed our energy consumption patterns during the day to maximise our power savings, plus you’ve also got the backup power from the grid if you need a little extra, or at night.

All in all, solar is a great way to go for power, and we haven’t looked back. Brendan and the rest of the team at Nexus Solar were super helpful and easy to deal with. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for solar installations.

-Guy Wilson